Friday, October 2, 2015

Open Studio

This year we are introducing Open Studio here at CCM for fourth-sixth graders. Each Tuesday, beginning in November, fourth-sixth grade students may choose to go to recess or come to the art room where they can work on small group projects and/or explore materials and ideas independently. A total of fifteen students may sign up each Tuesday morning. I will introduce the idea to our students over the coming weeks. Since this is designed to be flexible, with different students attending on different Tuesdays, instead of permission slips, please discuss Open Studio with your fourth-sixth grader if it is something you think they would enjoy.

Currently, in art, all of the children are designing Square 1 art projects and creating beginning of the year self-portraits as they review the elements of art, radial composition, the emotion of color, the proportions of the face, and personal symbols. With both of these projects, parents have to wait to enjoy the fruits of their child’s artistic labors. Watch for the Square 1 art projects towards the end of October. You will receive your child’s beginning of the year self-portrait along with their end of the year self-portrait in June.

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