Friday, March 27, 2015

Spring Colors

Our five year old Primary students are learning about color vocabulary and relationships in art class. The children have created rainbow collages and a warm/cool color quilt as they practice the elements of line, shape, and color, and reinforce the principles of repetition and pattern.
Lower Elementary classes continue their study of South America. First and second graders are creating papier mache “golden” bowls inspired by the metal work of the Inca people. Third graders are creating colorful papier mache macaw sculptures. The Lower Elementary classes are also practicing their observational drawing skills as they develop concepts within thumbnail sketches and compose their artworks by moving from general shapes to specific details.

Upper Elementary students have chosen to work individually, or in groups of two and three to design hidden cities inspired by Machu Piccu. As they use the elements of scale and color to develop foreground, middle ground and background relationships, the children are learning to articulate the illusion of space in their two dimensional works of art.

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