Wednesday, September 25, 2013

From the Art Room

The Elements of Art, Self Portraits & Ancient Cave Paintings

Lower Elementary classes learn about radial composition
Our Primary students have been enthusiastically moving, cutting, pasting, painting, rubbing, drawing, and tracing as they finish visual vocabulary projects that represent the elements of line, shape, and texture. Next we will play with the element of color. The children will mix secondary colors, tints, and shades and practice the principles of pattern and harmony. You can find games, information, and exercises about the Elements of Art at
Lower and Upper Elementary classes have been reinforcing their understanding of composition, foreground/background, proportion, and the Elements of Art as they complete their beginning of the year self-portraits in crayon, marker, and wax resist. Next we will begin an exploration of the cave paintings of Lascaux, France and continue to practice drawing. You can take a virtual tour of the ancient caves at
Thank you parents, for the donations of materials and recyclables to the art classes!

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