Saturday, March 16, 2013

Painting with Poems, Paper, Hearts and Hands

Complimentary Color Designs by Lower Elementary Students
Over the last few weeks, the children have continued their exploration of color and paint in art class. The Lower Elementary classes have completed a complimentary color design project. When hung together, these colorful works of art create a vibrant quilt of shape and pattern and a beautiful collaboration of many hearts and hands. All classes have practiced mixing tints and shades and have created monochromatic paintings. Our Lower Elementary children wrote poems about their favorite color as inspiration for their monochromatic paintings. All classes have also experimented with water colors and wet on wet painting techniques. We finish the quarter by creating textured and patterned papers with paint for a collage project inspired by Matisse.

In the fourth quarter we will explore sculpture. We will be using a variety of recyclables such as paper towel rolls, egg cartons and other materials to build armatures for papier mache projects. I would be grateful for any materials like these that you would like to donate!